In the mad race for getting admitted to the best college our children want to get into, students have lost a sense of who they really are, which, ironically, is what they need to formulate in a winning college essay.

Many want to impress and come with stories of starting orphanages in the developing world or write hardship stories that may not always sound genuine. What’s worse: after the stress of getting a high GPA, and high SAT/ACT scores, the essay is the last hurdle, and many students see it as a bother, and finish it quickly when it is in fact one of the most important pieces of writing they will ever do in their life.

With so many students with high scores, the essay sometimes becomes the only tool with which Admission Counselors can determine whether a student is a right fit for the school. But Admission Counselors have seen it all and have developed a strong BS-detector. The only way to write a winning essay is finding your voice, being original and being authentic.

Don’t leave that essay to the last minute: start now by contacting me. First meeting is free.

“I first worked with Inez when I was applying for elite and somewhat-niche summer programs; she helped me to navigate the complexities of drone warfare ethics. I relished each session: not only did I see marked improvement with each draft, but I also found myself reaching deeper levels of insight through our thought-provoking discussions. Unlike other coaches, Inez didn’t write for me; instead, through conducive questions, she helped me gain clarity which allowed for cohesive pieces.”

~ Audrey M.

I relished each session

“Filling out college applications, especially the essays, can be an extremely stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming process. However, with the guidance and experience that Inez Hollander Lake provided for me, writing my essays seemed like a piece of cake! From our very first meeting to our last, she consistently helped me brainstorm ideas, jot down potential topics to write about, and even recommended specific colleges based on what I thought I wanted to pursue in school. Not only this, but she made it a mission to get to know me personally, which I am sure was no easy task considering I am a very reserved and soft spoken person! Nonetheless, she helped me find my voice and express it through my college essays, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had her as my essay coach!”

~ Josh G.

She helped me find my voice